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This extraordinary multimedia project integrates print components (a Case Study and a Handbook) with videos and digital content (html-programmed, interactive training and teaching materials, extensive pdf contract- and case-documentation etc) on the enclosed USB-Card into a comprehensive practice building toolbox for a profound understanding of the law and practice relevant for the three basic approaches to the resolution of international business disputes.

The outstanding feature of the project are almost six hours of video simulations of the negotiations between the managers of both companies, the mediation with their CEOs and the arbitration hearing in front of a high caliber arbitral tribunal. They provide highly realistic, vivid and entertaining visualizations of the advocacy and case-management skills as well as other core legal and non-legal competencies required in international ADR. Through the comprehensive case documentation - including contract documents, negotiation and settlement agreements, as well as briefs, procedural orders and arbitral awards - users get a unique inside view of the practical functioning of private dispute resolution in international business.


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