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In this section we provide you with a highly selective collection of excellent and tested advocacy training videos. Please note that these videos should be used in conjunction with the interactive advocacy training tools in the "Skills & Advocacy" Section of the USB-Card which is an integral part of this multimedia project. The right column below references the pertinent materials in that Section and the Handbook.

Negotiation techniques  
The Power of Listening A major key to successful negotiation is listening to the other party. William Ury, one of the fathers of modern negotiation theory (“Getting to Yes”), emphasizes "listening as the missing half of modern communication". Negotiation |
Handbook 9-6 

Mediation techniques  
Transformative Mediation Mediator Dan Simon practices transformative mediation. In this video he explains that for him success of a mediation does not necessarily mean settlement. Structure and Skills | Handbook 11-23

Oral and Written Advocacy  
Gary Born on Effective Oral and Written Advocacy International arbitration expert Professor Gary B. Born provides his views on what makes oral and written advocacy effective. Advocacy | Advocacy and the Art of Persuasion (by Martin Hunter)
Effective Oral Advocacy: How to Persuade the Arbitrators English barrister Richard Samuel shares practical insights and valuable secrets on how to persuade international arbitrators. Advocacy | Advocacy and the Art of Persuasion (by Martin Hunter)
Cameras in Courts: Examples of oral advocacy before US courts The "Cameras in Courts"-project collects videos of actual proceedings and pleadings before US federal courts. Even though these videos do not relate to arbitration in particular, they provide useful insight into common law oral advocacy. Advocacy | Cameras in Courts (US Judicial Conference)
The Art of Cross Examination  
Seven Steps to Cross Examination Professor Charles H. Rose III discusses how to structure cross examinations to create persuasive impact. Witnesses | Cross Examination in International Arbitration
10 Commandments of Cross Examination Professor Irving Younger delivers some key points of his classical and much referenced 10 Commandments of Cross Examination. Witnesses | Cross Examination in International Arbitration
Reliability of Witness Testimony  
Colour Changing Card Trick Professor Wiseman impressively highlights what human perception focusses on, and what it ignores. Witnesses
Lie Detection Professor Clark Freshman is an expert in lie detection. In this video he explains some of his techniques. Witnesses

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