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Reviews of the 1st Edition

"The package as a whole represents a unique teaching method for private dispute resolution in international business. It will be of great use in University courses on the subject, specialist training programmes, specific themed workshops for in-house lawyers, managers and business executives, and in training and exercises for international moot competition. It is also a very useful and versatile learning toolbox and it is a great delight to use. Above all, the price is reasonable, and the benefits that are to be gained from the package will far outweigh the money to be invested in its purchase. It is highly recommended to any anyone with an interest in ADR in international business."

Professor A F M Maniruzzaman
Professor of International and Business Law University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. (see full text of review)

"There is no video available of the oral arguments. However, there is something even better. Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Berger of the University of Cologne and Director, Center for Transnational Law, has prepared Private Dispute Resolution in International Business, which is the best set of teaching materials for students and young practitioners on dispute resolution, including the conduct of an international commercial arbitration, that exists. The reader is guided through the business relationship between a Dutch and a Swiss company, from the negotiations of an export contract, the dispute that arises, the attempt to negotiate a settlement, a mediation that fails and finally arbitration. The sequence in regard to arbitration shows the commencement of the arbitration, the arbitral hearings, ending with the enforcement of the final award. The materials consist of two books accompanied by a DVD in which experienced practitioners of commercial arbitration (all of whom participate as arbitrators in the Moot) act out the various phases of the dispute settlement procedures, including the arbitration. What you see on the DVD as a typical arbitration is what you will experience in the oral arguments in the Moot. These materials are enthusiastically recommended. Take a look at them."

Pace University School of Law, Institute of International Commercial Law, at

"This book and the DVD, are effective ways of not only teaching students and young lawyers the subject of international arbitration, but also conveying some practical experience. Here, the student can actually visualize the operative paperwork and scenes from a real hearing. The arbitrators at the mock hearing are among the world's most experienced and famous international arbitration experts. Thus, a law professor without extensive international arbitration experience can, with this book, provide a valuable course on international arbitration-or incorporate it in a more general course on international law. Local bar associations can use the book to provide a valuable program on international arbitration without having to import those with substantial experience. I utilized portions of the work in connection with a seminar on international arbitration in Australia and found it very useful for me and the students."

Book Review by Justice Richard M. Mosk (Associate Justice on the California Court of Appeal; Former judge on the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal) Mealey's International Arbitration Report, October 2002, at 23, 24

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