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Reviews of the 3rd Edition

"This is a training and educational experience in legal negotiation, mediation and arbitration like no other. It can be used to improve lawyers' skills and help non-lawyers, such as business people, to prepare for a negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration. The entire experience is inspiring, practical, memorable and user-friendly. It helps to hone advocacy and presentational skills - spoken, written and behavioural - things that are hard to learn from books. It's adventure learning par excellence.

To top it off, Professor Berger uses the project as a centrepiece of the Cologne Academies where you can experience it for yourself. See:"

Michael Leathes
Book review at (Full Review)

"Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Jerry Lee Lewis' 1957 song Great Balls of Fire! reflects this reviewer's impression of Professor Klaus Peter Berger pounding the keyboards of three separate laptop computers during his 'Comparison of Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration' at his 'brain-rattling' 2014 Cologne Academies for which the Private Dispute Resolution in International Business (PDRIB) beta-test version was used. After reviewing the PDRIB third edition, this reviewer can only affirm his initial Cologne Academies impression of highly effective and fun learning and add 'Chapeau!' to the author and his 2015 redesign team. PDRIB third edition's main focus—the advocacy skills required from practitioners to be successful in international business negotiation, mediation, or arbitration—is innovatively advanced through the interactive multi-media realization of its three goals, which go beyond reading for maximum learning efficiency."

Philip Ray

Private Dispute Resolution in International Business: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, (3rd revised ed.), by Klaus Peter Berger, 32 Arbitration International (2016), forthcoming 

"Klaus Peter Berger’s project is an impressive example of how problem-oriented learning can be effectively implemented in legal education. Rather than starting with theoretical considerations on dispute resolution and adding examples from practice, the project takes the case study as a point of departure and, by illuminating the surrounding issues, works through the underlying theory. With this approach, the user always understands the relevance of abstract discussions.The questions set out in the case study guide the reader down this path by arousing interest in the background information that is provided in the handbook. [...]

Private Dispute Resolution in International Business is a well-designed and professionally implemented learning tool that employs a problem-oriented approach and allows for a multi-channel learning experience. As such, it is the first choice for students and young professionals interested in learning the practice and theory of international dispute resolution. Its third edition will certainly not be its last!"

Reinmar Wolff
Book Review: Klaus Peter Berger, Private Dispute Resolution in International Business: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, 3rd edn (Wolters Kluwer, 2015), 32 Journal of International Arbitration 6 (2015), pp. 711-713 

"The book is unique in several respects. First, unlike many other books that focus exclusively on one area of ADR, Professor Berger’s publication targets a broader audience and provides a platform for a multi-disciplinary study of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms – from negotiations to mediation, and from mediation to arbitration.

Second, the publication introduces the reader to the practice of law and aims at guiding arbitration lawyers through challenging situations in their practice, rather than only providing purely theoretical foundations for each subject. Recognising that 'knowing the law' is not enough, the author also focuses on practical aspects that are vital for everyday practice of international arbitration, including negotiation, drafting and advocacy skills. [...]

This publication – or rather the collection of multimedia materials – is undoubtedly a helpful practical tool for every dispute resolution lawyer. It is highly recommended for arbitration practitioners, in-house lawyers and students who wish to acquire and improve valuable practical skills in negotiation, mediation and arbitration. As the author points out, it could also be a valuable resource for preparing witnesses for a cross-examination, because it allows counsel to show a witness what this process entails based on a hypothetical example. In sum, this work is an excellent resource for learning, and improving, the skills which – as Professor Berger himself puts it – 'cannot be learned by simply reading a book.'"

Maxi Scherer and Valeriya Kirsey
BOOK REVIEW: Private Dispute Resolution in International Business (Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration), 3rd edition, Global Arbitration Review, 14 October 2015, <>

"When the first edition of Private Dispute Resolution in International Business was published in 2006, Klaus Peter Berger started a unique project: by combining a case study (complete with an interactive DVD) and a legal handbook, the author filled an existing gap in the arbitration literature. The project provided a missing link between a theoretical insight into the law and the practice of the three mentioned mechanisms of private dispute resolution. The author wanted to provide a useful tool for students and practitioners. The fact that one decade after Private Dispute Resolution in International Business was first published the third edition has already been brought to life, is evidence that his goal has been successfully achieved. [...]

In short: Berger’s Private Dispute Resolution in International  Business is a wonderful compendium highly recommendable to all interested in private dispute resolu­tion, students and practitioners alike. With this book in the briefcase, you can throw yourself into any type of private dispute resolution with a helpful source of hands-on experience."

Tobias Höfling
Book Review: Private Dispute Resolution in International Business - Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, SchiedsVZ (German Arbitration Journal) 2015, p. 144

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